Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still here!

Sometimes life comes at you fast - this is one of those very times.

Staying pretty damn Paleo. The only time I falter is when I'm at the homes of family members around meal time. Not to self: avoid family as they are bad for my health ;)

Today I treated myself to lunch/dinner at "Quenna's Raw and Vegan" in Norfolk, VA. It's a really amazing restaurant where they create amazing dishes with veggies alone. There is use of WW pita bread, tofu and bulger wheat in some items so just ask for substitutions. I love eating here once a week, it always serves as an inspiring reminder about how delicious it is to eat wholesome foods. God knew what he was doing when He provided our sustenance...there has never been a need for nasty trans fats and growth hormones for meals to be palatable.

Thanksgiving looms ahead. Will I stay strictly Paleo on Turkey day? Nope.
Will I keep the cheats to a minimum? Yes!

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