Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Even our salad is in love!
Oh, hey look, I have a blog! How is everyone's 2012 going? Mine is a whirlwind! Exciting news: in March Jeffrey proposed!!! Our wedding is in mid-September so we're halfway through the engagement period. It has been a very interesting experience: emotional roller coaster, surreal and STRESSFUL.

It's silly that the most joyous day of one's life would drive a girl so absolutely bonkers. I've allowed subconscious anxiety to creep up on me and it has effected my sleep patterns, diet and daily activities. Panic attacks, clammy hands, racing heart beat and stomach aches: ridiculousness.  I finally decided that I have to be brave within and push through. I've always been open about periodic anxiety, but I consistently succumb to the physical reactions. This time I'm taking a cue from my great aunt who is living with leukemia: the woman never complains. I am hoping that by asserting my inner strength I can override the scary things that happen when my self panics.   In the past week since adopting this mentality it has really helped. I'm not mean to myself, but I remind my consciousness that life is beautiful, I am well and the day will go on beautifully.   This won't work for everyone, but it's always best when you can take control of a manifested situation.

I've been much more strict with my diet lately, avoiding excess sugar as much as possible hoping that the healthier my body is the less I can let myself worry about. Do you have issues with anxiety and/or panic disorders? Do you feel that a Primal or Paleo diet has impacted those reactions?