Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Back

Summer was fun, romantic, adventurous, busy and not at all primal. But all things must come to an end so it's back to the basics for this chick.

A few new rules:

Paleo + dairy + dark chocolate

Last time I was freaking out because there was soy product in my non-stick spray. Not.That.Serious.

The goal is to stick to the Paleo guidelines but allow myself one (or 2 in a pinch) servings of dairy a day. My source of dairy will almost always be Greek yogurt. It's very low in sugar and packed full of protein. When I'm in a rush it's the perfect "go to" food source, especially for breakfast. For now I am also allowing myself to use whey protein. Again, the ideal is to only use one of these products once a day.

As for dark chocolate - come on people I'm a woman! Every now and then it needs to be paired with some fruit or just enjoyed for exactly what it is. No more than twice a week, and OBVIOUSLY, in small quantities.

I'm slipping back into the routine slowly so some whole grains will be in the meal plan for the next week as I clear the pantry out. Not really going to miss them (except quinoa), just need 'em out of the way.

There you have it and here we go~*

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