Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just say no to quesadillas and margaritas

I took my favorite relative (Great Aunt Mildred) out for an early Mother's Day dinner last night. We settled on Mexican and I was thrilled to see that staying Paleo is muy facil at this genre of eatery. She and I shared fajitas and carnitas. I asked the waiter not to bring me any beans, tortillas or rice. This request alarmed him and he went into a detailed explanation about how carnitas were traditionally eaten..blah blah blah. I stuck to my guns and convinced him to bring me a guacamole salad instead. I was able to avoid the chips and white sauce w/ promises of tasty meat in my future. Sure enough they payoff was worth the sacrifice. We tucked into a purely Paleo and 100% delicious dinner out. Later that evening I was within inches of succumbing to chocolate chip mint ice cream but THANKFULLY came upon some frozen mixed fruit in her freezer. The Caveman gods must have been watching :)

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