Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To the women who cook Paleo and Primal for your families, thank you. You refuse to pass off poisonous fast food to your children. By shopping Farmer's Markets and researching where your meat is produced you are stimulating the local economy and encouraging sustainable farming. Your children are learning to be informed consumers, to appreciate food. All of this effort promotes a person who is not only whole in body but in spirit because when you feed someone good things it says "you have value, you have worth." Thank you for not passing the buck, exclaiming you're too busy or that it's too hard. You defy the status quo. Your families are so blessed to have informed, vigilant moms like you~*


  1. Emily - I'm not a Mom but totally appreciated your post :-)

  2. Thanks Deanna! I have the utmost admiration for Paleo parents who are bringing up children that won't have to re-learn how to eat and source food, who will not have to wrestle with sugar cravings or form emotional attachments with SAD foods. Nutrition is intrinsically linked to health and death, so many diseases and syndromes could be otherwise avoided. Hopefully one day eating paleo-style will be the "norm" again.