Friday, May 6, 2011

So you ate cheese?

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a fun Cinco de Mayo. Obvious Paleo-friendly meals to fit the theme would be fajitas (sans tortilla) or carnitas (no arroz, gracias). Maybe this is what you ate and maybe you pounced on the chips and salsa, washing it down with a margarita. It's all bueno, today is a new day.

J prepared a delicious treat for me. Originally the goal was chicken enchiladas though we decided that in the end he had created more of a tostada-esque meal. It was SO GOOD. He's been practicing his almond meal tortilla recipe and I think it lent itself fabulously to this dish. We both had wide grins on our faces as we tucked into a dinner that kicked the pants off of anything we could have ordered in a restaurant.

We did go over into Primal territory by including cheese in our meal. There weren't gobs of it, but some. I personally don't feel like I blew the diet by eating some dairy. But I will say that my tummy was aware of the foreign invader when I went in for my early morning WOD. Which brings me around the bush to today's recipe: Chia & Prune Pudding.

Yes, as in Ch-ch-ch-CHIA. It's a fun little seed I picked up at Wegman's after seeing it appear on several RAW food blogs. Now, there are conflicting theories on Chia's usefulness but I'm not looking to it as a source of Omega-3's. I just think it's cool.

Ya see, chia seeds can absorb up to 9x their weight in liquid! They also have this magical knack of making the liquid you put them in turn thicker and gelatinous. Thus they lend themselves perfectly for making fun treats like puddings.

If you're wondering why I prattled on about last night's queso here's the chia/cheese link: these little seeds will, erm, move you. For that reason I limit my intake to one Tablespoon a day. More is perfectly safe, I just don't feel a need to push it. (no pun intended!)

If I haven't scared you off with my bathroom humor then please grab some seeds and try your hand at this happy little treat. Personally, I find my daily dose to be creamy and refreshing.

Chia & Prune Pudding

1 Tbl. chia seeds
3 prunes
1/2 cup So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk
1/4 tsp. vanilla

Mix chia, coconut milk and vanilla together in a bowl. Add sliced prunes. Stir again, sprinkle with cinnamon and walk away. You can eat your pudding in 10 minutes when the seeds have absorbed some of the liquid. However, I like to leave mine overnight. The next morning it is fully absorbed and the prunes have also plumped up from the milk and vanilla all while imparting their natural sweetness into the mix. It's yummy, satisfying and maybe a little bit beneficial. Just be sure to give it a good stir one more time before digging in. ENJOY~*

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