Monday, April 18, 2011

K*I*S*S in Keep It Simple, Sexy!

Sometimes minimalism is best and that was expertly proven in the tasty meal J whipped up for our dinner.

The players: Grass-fed Ribeye and Stuffed Peppers

Game plan: Marinate steaks in whiskey and sliced garlic. Then sprinkle with a favorite steak seasoning, if you so desire. Grill it up *sizzle*

Mash up avocado and combine with a jalapeno pepper, diced tomatoes, a small amount of chopped onion, along with grated garlic. Drizzle in some olive oil and spritz with lime or lemon juice. Don't forget a touch of S&P. Fill roasted and skinned bell peppers with the creamy combo and place in the oven for warming while the ribeye grills. Play with the measurements to suit your personal taste. Jeffrey felt he should have added more jalapeno and pre-cooked the onion. I was happy with everything as it was...though I do feel there is ALWAYS room for more garlic.

It was uncomplicated and tasty. The steak had noticeable bite from the whiskey which I enjoyed pairing with a creamy slice of the pepper. Speaking of that pepper: it was huge! No room to miss dessert when filling yourself up with a monster meal like this. It was just one more tease for the copious summer grilling to come~*

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