Friday, April 1, 2011

The other Pink Meat

Inspired by the awesome dishes at CFVB's Paleo Potluck I knew immediately what one of my entrees was going to be for the birthday party. I also knew that I was not going to serve farm-raised fish to myself or my guests. Mom said she's seen wild-caught salmon filets at Sam's Club and would grab some while she was out. She brought home half a dozen HUGE, gorgeous, pink fillets. We used them to bake up:

Pistachio Encrusted Salmon
Salmon fillet
Whole grain mustard (TJ's has an awesome product that I highly recommend)
Pistachios (I used roasted)

Now for the hard part:
Smooth a thin layer of the mustard on top of the salmon fillet then top with crushed pistachios. Bake. Serve. -DONE-

It's seriously that easy! This is my new favorite way to eat salmon. It was flaky and flavorful. The pistachios offer a nice textural contrast and oddly enough this dish is not "mustardy." It is, however, a quick and easy crowd-pleaser and tastes like you invested quite a bit of prep work. Let's call this your "honey, I slaved all day in the kitchen for you" April Fool's Meal.

And in keeping with April Fool's Day: Mom totally tricked me. It turned out that our salmon feast wasn't really salmon at all! Ever heard of Steelhead Trout? It's trout that takes to the sea. It tastes EXACTLY like salmon but is often less expensive. Some even argue over Steelhead's specific species classification (trout v. salmon). When she had gotten to the store there wasn't any wild-caught salmon in stock, only the farm raised variety with added food coloring, so she opted for the Steelhead. All I know is that 20 people thought they were eating salmon, damn good salmon, and it turns out we were having more environmentally sustainable trout. So glad Mom pulled a fast one on us!

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