Thursday, February 7, 2013

40 Days and 40 Writes

I've got this hang up where if I can't do something PERFECTLY then I shy away from it outright. It's a really wanky tick and completely self sabotaging but it seems to be my schtick.It was a recurring excuse when it came to my weight loss based on the premise that I hadn't begun my new diet (whatever it was at the time) on an even date, usually the first of the month. Yes, silliness. And so the same has persisted with my blogging. Indeed I was very busy wedding planning and then getting married and then cutting my hair ;) followed by MOVING to NYC and starting a bold and brand new life with my wonderful husband...all great excuses for getting sidetracked. Yet always, always it has been n my mind that I should be writing. After we began to make our home together Jeffrey told me how much he wanted me to get back to writing. And I have shyer away from it because I didn't know where to start. "I have to talk about our wedding first." A month later, "I need to review this Fall festival fare before I can go into holiday cooking." Well with those ever increasing limitations I seemed to be digging a grave for my blogging desires. So we'll start here and now. It's Lent! I'm promising to write every day. Let's see where this road leads.

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