Monday, February 11, 2013

A Case of the Mondays, or better yet: COMBATING THEM

Today I woke up after only 5 hours of sleep looking toward a long shift on a rainy day. I had to do TWO bank runs for the business, work even longer than scheduled and missed my night's free movie screening because I don't have any close friends in town yet that wanted to come along, plus work ran late so I missed the chance to go alone. One would think this could be summed up as a bad day, but it wasn't. I had a good Monday.

Perspective, attitude, optimism. We hear these buzz words over and over. Often we are told that life is how we approach it, not what happens to us. I guess that's true though sometimes it is just damn hard to push through the muck.

Here's what made my day great:

  • I came in to work to find I was going to spend the day with some awesome colleagues
  • Every customer that came in who I managed to connect with was noted as a victory in my mind. I may have been the only one cheering myself on but damn was I proud of myself. 
  • A ridiiiiculously cute puppy came in to the shop and I allowed myself a few minutes to cuddle with him, no apologies
  • All those trips to the bank gave me a chance to breathe some (relatively) fresh air and stretch my legs
  • Extra work meant I earned enough to buy myself a special treat at the market
  • Missing out on the free move screening meant I got to go home to my husband sooner
It doesn't work every time but if we can remind ourselves to keep pushing through then we're almost guaranteed to gain some ground, at least much more than if we just stand there frowning at the challenge.

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