Friday, February 8, 2013


 early morning flake fest
Well, "Winter Storm Nemo" was threatening to be a behemoth but is shaping up as more of a welcomed excuse to head home early on a Friday. The snow is falling and plentiful in Manhattan but isn't threatening to trap us all in our buildings. As much as I'd love to have all of tomorrow to be cozy with my J, it looks like work will be all systems go.
Blustery winter days seem to entreat a hearty meal. I wholeheartedly offer Mark's Beef Burgundy as an absolutely delicious recipe to try out. it's incredibly rich with delicious chunks of beef in a salty think sauce. It cooks slowly over the course of a few hours, asking only to be tended to a few times throughout the day. Being that many of us are seeking respite from biting winds anyway, what's a few trips in to the kitchen? This is a great one to practice, master and incorporate into your rotation of winter warm-ups.

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