Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras (in my belly)

Look at all those fatty's!
I am massively susceptible to suggestion. This week combines both the celebratory awesomeness of Fat Tuesday & Valentine's Day. I'm subconsciously being driven mad to overindulge, especially on dessert. AND, because it is the aforementioned Carnival USA-style, I am compelled to believe that I totally deserve to indulge.

Well I don't, but I did.  There was an ice cream incident today that I'm not ready to go in to. Happierly (heck yes, made a new word) I also concocted a super indulgent yet nutritionally acceptable dinner for the sweet hubs.
Seriously, I pulled EVERY form of fatty dairy out of our fridge and used it to make a rice mac n cheese (Munster, Brie, grass-fed Cheddar. Cabot butter and Kerrygold unsalted). Brussels sprouts were sauteed in Hudson Valley duck fat. But the centerpiece of delectable yumminess was Lea Valle's Paleo Buffalo Chicken Nuggets. The recipe was spot on and really easy to execute. We didn't have any Frank's Red Hot on hand but there was a small bottle of Tabasco (going with the Louisiana theme!) that I subbed in and WOO were these babies spicy and on the money for flavor. Plus, ground chicken is really affordable even here in Manhattan.I served a small side of strong blue cheese & artichoke dip as a cooling side and because it just seemed appropriate. J seemed pleased with the line up and we both filled up very quickly on such rich fare. This is definitely not a meal to repeat weekly but we both did agree after licking our plates that we're ready to lighten up. Well, after the 14th of course ;)

Flattened balls of fire

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