Monday, April 12, 2010

Delicious day 1

This morning's workout was deceptively evil and I have a sneaking suspicion I may not have full use of my arms by tomorrow. I sped home and served up Trader Joe's Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage for a good dose of protein. This was the one sausage product they made that didn't include any kind of dairy or sugar additive so it won out by default. Pretty tasty way to start the day.

Lunch at work was a mix of Persian cucumbers, spinach leaves and TJ's organic herb mix topped with chicken tenderloins smothered in the Primal BBQ Sauce. It was fantastic! I didn't even need salad dressing to accompany the bed of greens what with the sauce and the awesome flavors from the various herbs from the bagged mix ($1.99). I think this is a necessary repeat for tomorrow.

I snacked on Buffalo jerky today as well (TJ's $4.99). It was really tasty, but as I sat happily munching away I realized there was soy sauce in the ingredients list. Day 1 and I already fouled up! Finding products without soy is a little trickier than I had anticipated but I'm not discouraged. Can anyone recommend a Paleo-appropriate jerky?

So Day 1 was a grand success, I'm feeling accomplished and looking forward to more awesome creations.

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  1. Love it and love you! Maybe I need to come over for dinner and check this out first-hand. :)