Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week One: Grand Success

It's been a crazy busy week and the daily new recipe attempts along with multiple grocery store runs have certainly been an added responsibility but I'm loving it. Everything has been delicious and satisfying save for an off-putting encounter with "Paleo pancakes." Plus I love taking responsibility of my food from start to finish. I'm packing lunch every day: a salad with protein and avocado plus lots of fruit and veggie options should I become peckish. There is always a serving of nuts in my desk when the work day runs into night. I haven't wrestled with any cravings either. *phew* My only fear is that I may be consuming too many natural sugars by way of fruit. I'm partaking in navel oranges, fresh plums, apples, the post-workout banana and fun combos of frozen goodies like mango, pineapple and mixed berries. However, I hopped on the scale today and was shocked to see...WEIGHT LOSS! I feel like I've been pigging out all week and yet the numbers are once again descending *finally* Not too shabby for 7 days' work

One such indulgent dish: chicken tenders!

Skinned and trimmed chicken thighs
1 or 2 beaten eggs
Almond flour w/ liberal additions of your fav spices such as basil, thyme, paprika and a pinch of sea salt
Extra virgin olive oil

Heat a large skillet w/ some EVOO and while that heats up dip each thigh in the beaten eggs then coat in the seasoned almond flour mixture. Place the thighs in the hot oil and turn only once to prevent flaking of the batter. Cook thoroughly~*

This was so good! I thought for sure I was violating some rule because these little goodies were better than regular fried chicken. Not wanting to overdo my fat intake with nut flour and oil I will have to ration this dish to a once a week indulgence. The chicken was great straight out of the pan and later cold on my work salad. ENJOY

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