Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life is setting in

Crazy busy life 24/7 these days: up at 5AM for a 6AM CF session then home to prep and package the days meals, in the office by 9:30AM and not home until 12 hours after that. The days are long and exhausting but I'm pushing forward. I haven't had much time to try a lot of new recipes. I did, however, break my two year beef-free streak this week. Grass-fed ground beef was a necessary relief from day in and day out of chicken. I seasoned it with one of my favorite spices (cumin) and served it atop avocado and tomatoes. I first approached the meal with trepidation but it was alot like eating a taco salad *fat kid favorite* so I dug into that dish for a few nights after work.
This morning I woke up, walked into the kitchen and just said "I'm not cooking today." Couldn't stand the thought of pulling out all the cookware and spending what few moments I had to myself in the kitchen. Solution: WalMart. No seriously, they have small roasted chickens for under $5. I ran over and intercepted the deli lady pushing a cart full of the freshly rotisserie'd birdies to the display case. Chicken in hand I grabbed a carton of strawberries and some bananas then flew home and proceeded to go truly Cave-woman on my bounty. We're talking no plate, just me and a chicken leg standing in the kitchen. YUM***I sliced up half of the breast and paired it with some delicious mache lettuce, avocado, grape tomatoes, EVOO, s&p. It was a super-fantastic salad later at work. It seems that I have quickly transitioned from craving toast to turkey. I don't think I've eaten this much meat in all of last month. It's delicious! Proud of myself for turning down POUND CAKE and Papa John's Pepperoni Pizza at work this week. Weighing in tomorrow~*

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