Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things that make me go MMMMM

Every time I explain to people about my new diet they look at me as if I must be suffering some great hardship. "No dairy, no soy, no potatoes, no legumes and no grains?!?!?" This is pretty much the same reaction I had pre-Paleo challenge myself. Truth be told it's not a sacrifice at all. Yes I'm spending more time in the kitchen and a bit more money at the grocery store but these sacrifices are investments in my overall health so it isn't even a point of debate. As far as giving up all the "fun food" that others crave: I haven't really noticed. Yes, I drove by Hardee's yesterday and envisioned the awesomeness of a buttery biscuit but I never really ate fast food crap before so why miss it now? Chocolate has been a bit of a sacrifice. I'm a woman, chocolate is more critical than ibuprofen ;) Lucky Larabar makes two products that contain unsweetened cocoa powder so I should be able to push through.
Good news is there are TONS of new favorite indulgences. The primary one for me being sunflower seed butter. I needed to find a substitute for my beloved PB and though skeptical at first, this stuff fits the bill. It has the same signature creamy consistency of great PB and its own awesome nutty taste. I've become a hardcore convert. However, running through a jar in one week is not going to get me where I want to be so I'm having to stagger my purchases of this goody. Another indulgence jerky. I'm a huge fan of and their product. When I know it's going to be an extra long day and I won't have a way of keeping a homemade meal properly refrigerated I can just grab a balanced kit and go. also has an awesome grass-fed beef jerky product that I recently discovered. Until I find the time and motivation to make my own product these two companies will be keeping me well fed.
Today I broke out the extra-virgin coconut oil for the first time. I sauteed some chicken tenderloins in the oil along w/ some curry spice then paired it with a salad and veggies to take into the office. Now my kitchen smells like Thailand and I can't wait for lunch! Coconut oil: try it out.

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