Monday, January 3, 2011

Eating on the Run

Every meal I ate today was not of my own making. Woke up at the parent's house and made a quick breakfast of their Sunday fried chicken (which is not heavily battered but rather skinless breasts w a thin coating that mostly falls off). Will admit to sampling part of a biscuit w/ Grandma's famous strawberry jelly, happy to report that it wasn't that appealing.

Lunch was out with my bestest best friend and her hubby. We met at Panera so I had the Fuji Apple Salad w/ Chicken. The only downside is that the dressing contains soybean oil and sugar. But it wasn't too heavily dressed and the salad was a delicious, super-filling treat.

Jeffrey and I made spur of the moment dinner plans. We circled the wagons at Chipotle which I consider to be fast-food Paleo heaven. A burrito bowl w/ no rice or beans but rather the fajita veggies made up the base. Then some delicious spicy barbacoa (shredded beef) and the mild tomato salsa w/ a dab of sour cream to counter the spiciness. I nabbed some of J's guacamole to top it all off. Yummy, filling and guiltless. It's been a fantastic Monday~*

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