Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Wednesdays we wear Pink

This is usually one of my busier days and this week is no exception. Monday and Tuesday about ran me ragged so upon waking up this morning the sudden realization that I needed 2 on-the-go meals was a momentary quandary. My successful solution is what you see above: for lunch at work and dinner in the car before rehearsal I grabbed some delicious turkey jerky from Fresh Market (their bison jerky is also fantastic), an apple, a sweet potato and the leftovers from last night's dinner-out to take advantage of our area's restaurant week. It's a NY Strip steak encrusted in peppercorns. We ate at Waterman's *shout out* and the tasting menu was fantastic. Mom and I started with prosciutto wrapped shrimp w/ a chipotle aioli as an appetizer before the arrival of my colossal steak. Which brings me back to the awesomeness of today's lunch. Leftover steak and the sweet potato which I popped in the office microwave then sprinkled w/ some pumpkin pie spice and a smidgen of honey. My apple was given to a hungry cohort while I snacked on some nuts from my desk drawer for the mid-afternoon snack. Can't wait to tear into that jerky tonight. 2 meals that took a total of 2 minutes to prep, that's how I like it!

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