Monday, January 24, 2011

Sniffle Cough Sneeze

Looks like running around 24/7 has caught up with me as I've been a shut-in all weekend with one helluva cold. The most frustrating aspect has been 1) I've missed out on WODs and 2)What do you eat when you have a cold and need to stay Paleo? WHen it was just a sore throat I was urging for soft foods like pudding or a fudge sickle. Anything that would let me perpetually suck on it -ignore the TWSS moment here- So that was a bit of a challenge. I went to buy throat losenges and those babies are loaded with sugar! Ended up grabbing some Ricola SF ones, but they are filled with maltodextrin and similar faux-sugar evils. What to do though? Now that this little bug has gone full-blow I'd usually resort to ramen or chicken noodle soup. But technically the high sodium content (and massive carb load) are out. Usually I'm just uncomfy when sick but this time around my energy is zapped so making my own soup was not happening. I ended up doing a lot of "breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner." Turkey sausage and egg whites just appealed to me for some reason. Now that it's Monday I will be having a Paleokit for lunch and dinner is anyone's guess. I threw a whey protein packet in my gym bag. I've been doing a good job of avoiding dairy but it seems the lesser of two evils right now until I get my energy back and hit up the kitchen.
How ironic that I should get sick just as I get back to CF, start taking vitamins and I'm eating so clean!

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