Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breakfast:: Variations on a Theme

I love my breakfasts and have been pretty satisfied with them each morning. When I get home from the morning WOD I'll eat half an apple (the other half comes to work) then on to cooking my fare. It's always a combination of the following proteins which I try to keep at 3 blocks (although honestly the Zone gives me a headache and I don't like construction):

farm fresh eggs
natural pork sausage
Canadian bacon

...this melange of meat is often accompanied by a carb or fat if I feel the meal needs to be rounded out:


Today I'm throwing a few sun-dried tomatoes in the mix <--smells enticing. The pic above is from a Sunday brunch Jeffrey and I enjoyed: frittata with chicken sausage and veggies, sweet potato hash and a bit of cumin-laced avocado spread leftover from a party the night before.

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  1. Turns out the tomatoes weren't such a hit, they imparted a confusing sweetness/bitterness to the concoction that took away from the savory sage in the sausage.