Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pats On The Back

There has been a frustration building up inside more recently as I have been a well behaved little Paleo-eating CF'er: Why is the scale not going down, why am I not a dress size smaller, where are the dramatic OMG results?

Each day I've salivated over thoughts of brownies and ice cream yet abstained. Each day my body composition seems to be right where it was when we started this hard-core-challenge a month ago. It's gotten to the point where I was starting to think "I should just restrict calories and give up on Paleo, it doesn't seem to work." I mean come on!!! I have 20lbs to lose, I eat cleaner than most Americans, I lift heavy things and run around 4 days a week :( WHAT GIVES

Enter good Samaritans!

My voice teacher, who hasn't seen me in 2 weeks, voluntarily said I look like I'm losing weight. Directly after that an acquaintance I hadn't seen in 2 months exclaimed I looked as though I'd lost 15 lbs!!!

So maybe it is working? Maybe the small changes are imperceptible to my hyper-critical eye? What I have noticed is bicep definition and rapidly increasing endurance and strength. I wish I was one of those people who "went Paleo and dropped 7 punds in the first week" but apparently I'm not. My trainer has assured me to give it time, that weight loss is also hormonally influenced and that maybe my body needs longer to adjust. So with this encouragement I will continue on my merry grain and dairy free way, but I'd better be having to buy new pants soon~*

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