Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thank You Alaska

The world is a fascinating place, our connections with people sometimes mystifying. I was once very good friends with someone who became a CrossFit trainer. If I had never met him I would have never been persuaded to try CF. If I'd never tried CF I certainly never would have attended the 2010 CrossFit Games VA/MD/DC Sectionals where I met Michael Murphy and learned all about the Paleo diet and drooled over his yummy Paleo meals. If I hadn't gone strict Paleo I would never be off of sugar and dairy which means when my co-worker brought the Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich into the office just now I would most certainly have eaten it. And if I was not so joyously Paleo I could not have educated those around me, and so my boss would not be peeping his head around the corner to proudly let me know he wouldn't be eating his either!

A domino effect of good things. So thank you Craigslist, thank you Alaska.

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