Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Ah V-Day, riddled with assorted lame candies for most. My guy was brilliantly good to me, replacing chocolates with every other sweet holiday gift imaginable. We went to a Japanese Steakhouse for dinner where it was so easy to make good choices: steak and shrimp for him, chicken and scallops for me. Honestly there was no room for rice in our bellies even if we wanted it. True the chefs used butter (hey, it's Primal!) and some soy, but in the big scheme of things these items aren't going to affect my overall success in one meal. There was no thought of dessert, really it was the perfect idea for keeping this girl good.

Of course my dearest Tay did gift me with some extra dark chocolate which we nibbled along w/ fresh strawberries at lunch. However, as I've been crawling up the walls with recent chocolate cravings (HOT FUDGE BROWNIE SUNDAE) I think the recent treat has quelled the most likely hormone-driven taste beast. Also, I'm getting back into IF: yesterday I staved off eating until 1pm. Will try to implement 15-18 hour fasts 3 days a week and see how my body reacts.

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