Monday, February 21, 2011

On a Salad Kick

I think I may be getting too carby? For a while I was clearly not eating enough veggies, my body just wasn't comfortable *ahem* However, I may be over compensating? I keep reading posts where people say "if you eat the right foods you can't eat too much." Well I'm just not sure if that's true. And I'm not shoving sweet potatoes down my throat hand over fist by any means, but I have been more liberal with consumption of greens and fruit:

This morning I had a bowl of berries, 3 pecan halves, a small orange and 3 organic eggs.

Jeffrey and I had a lunch date at Panera. I got the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. While I used only half the dressing, I did keep the Gorgonzola cheese on there. It just seemed to me like such a small amount of dairy for the flavor impact it imparts. I couldn't finish my whole salad, may munch on it as the work day wears on or have it for dinner tonight along with a baked chicken breast.

Tomorrow I am definitely ready to indulge my desire for grass-fed beef and guac! Still not sure on how much fat I should be consuming. Hopefully the "After" photos of the Paleo Challenge will prove I'm doing a good job.....hopefully.


  1. I just can't stomach salads. I usually grill or saute' my vegetable.

    Something about the texture of raw vegetables. Nothing like grilled asparagus. Yum.

  2. My grandpa grew THE BEST asparagus in the world. You've ignited my cravings!