Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1 step back, 3 steps forward?

First off: THANK YOU for the awesome support throughout this "challenge" and especially for the well wishes as I headed in to the final WOD. I am super proud to say that I shaved minutes off of my time. I actually was the first to finish in my heat (some of my squats were shallow though, damn long legs). The before and after photos will be evaluated b all participants and then the winner will be determined *fingers crossed*

I had been fantasizing about an immediate cheat at the contest's close but found myself too afraid to let dairy or grains pass my lips. Instead Jeffrey and I whipped up a mighty meat bowl and curled up on the couch to remind ourselves of what couch potato life was like.

The next day we were both faced with a pot luck and came through it just fine! I had a sip of wine, a sip of a mimosa: both tests confirmed I don't miss alcohol. I had two bites of cheese: unimpressed. There were some hearty looking cookies but I didn't touch them. Instead I pigged out on ham, apples, J's stellar paprika avocado dip w/ veggies and a super yummy curried broccoli,bacon, pecans dish.

That night was my uncle's birthday party. I had a bunless burger, sweet potato chips and passed by the colossal chocolate cake and ice cream. I know right, I am super woman!

And then Monday morning happened. Longish story short: I ate PET ice cream. It contained corn syrup and other crap. But I ate it, after my huge Paleo breakfast. I ate it right out of the carton! Thank goodness I stopped at just under 2 servings. Afterward I was frustrated by my weakness but also convinced myself it was a good test for food allergies. By late afternoon my stomach was mad at me and I won't be eating that stuff again. Even better: it kicked off my current fast which has just rounded out to 24 hours!!! VICTORY!


  1. You're not supposed to fast on Fat Tuesday, silly girl! ;) You can have 40 more days of fasting afterward.

  2. HAHAHA! Well I made up for it by repeatedly snacking on little squares of extra dark chocolate as I did my evening meal prep. I'm not giving up chocolate for Lent though. Hellllll NO