Friday, March 4, 2011

The Final Countdown

Completed another 19 hour fast today! Lunch was thanks to TJ's. I added some avocado and cut down on the dressing to avoid sugars. Dinner will be some more avocado and a bit of jerky. Giving it my all on this last day.

Egads, in less than 24 hours the CFVB Paleo Challenge will be over and done with, the WOD completed and winner determined. EEEEK

I can't believe it's time to take the "After" shots. I stared at myself in the mirror this morning trying to decide if my stomach looked any smaller. I feel a Hell of a lot better, more in control and entitled to be who I am. When I am making strides toward my health I am more confident so currently I am awash in this feeling. I don't worry about my size as much because I know I'm being proactive. Honestly, I should stop worrying about what I look like anyway. This just in: 5'10" hourglasses are gorgeous. 5'10" hourglasses with flat stomachs and rock hard thighs stop traffic...give me time :)

I'm nervous about the final WOD. When we did it initially I was totally intimidated by the crowd of regulars watching each heat. It was my first workout with CFVB and I had a really painful muscle strain in my abs. When the workout was over I felt wretched, it took me a long time to recover. This time around I predict it won't be so harrowing, but I do plan to push myself really hard to improve my time. I'm mainly dreading the push-ups. Mine have always been paltry and tomorrow will likely be just the same. Thank goodness there are only 20 to be done.

I want to win. I set out to win. I want to win. I've put forth great effort and $20 into the kitty. I want to win. I want people to look at my photos and say "WOW! Great results." I want to cut minutes off of my time. I want to win.

But if I don't it's okay. I have been attending WODS regularly (with regrettable but needed bow-outs during my TWO colds). I'd score my nutritional choices at A-. That's pretty flippin good for me! So while I hope I win. I WANT TO WIN. Well it's corny, but I think I already have *awwww* I am comfortable in this Paleo lifestyle and I don't want to go back to the old ways. The true purpose of the challenge has been achieved. I'm enthusiastic about being supremely healthy for health's sake, not superficial motivation. All that said, it's time to WIN!


  1. You have been doing an amazing job and look wonderful! No matter the competition results, you should be proud of your determination. Keep up the good work!

  2. Proud of you, chicky-boo! :)

  3. Sounds like you definitely put in the effort. Good luck and do your best.